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With a passion for all things photography, Melvin Tan Photography is a collaboration of 3 young and dynamic photographers based in Malaysia – Melvin Tan, Daniel Tai and Samantha Yong. We specialise in capturing moments – the happy, the silly, the crazy, and even the tears – immortalising them in photos that tells your unique story. We are especially excited about capturing two people in love as we believe that photography is about people. Through our photos, we hope to “bottle” the magic of your special day, creating lasting memories for a lifetime.

Thank you for visiting our website and hope you enjoy viewing the images captured by us, as much as we enjoyed making them.

Samantha Yong
Writer Photographer

About Melvin : Evanescent Memories Captured In Pictures.

Possessing all the essential qualities of a highly reputable wedding photographer, ranging from creativity, artistry and talent, Melvin Tan is always ready to capture those ‘eternal moments’ with sheer clarity, style and utmost professionalism. As a Wedding photographer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Melvin patiently looks for those fleeting intimate moments of joy and sometimes anxiety between the bride and groom before ‘clicking’ the shutter. Wedding photography is one of the most demanding areas of professional photography. And yet, Melvin chooses to specialise in this field as he believes there is where love between two people actually begins. ‘Marriage is a step where the decision is made and love begins. It is a great honour to document the happiest and biggest day of the couple’s lives.’

Wedding couples should always keep in mind that it is their special day and stress is not part of it. Melvin understands this perfectly; and thus, he strives to go the extra mile to ensure his customers’ satisfaction is constantly met. Melvin’s key advice to couples is to trust in quality referrals, go through the photographer’s past work samples, and most importantly, ask a lot of questions before committing as only photographs can preserve those wedding memories eternally. He firmly believes that a photographer’s degree of expertise is measured in his ability to capture the spontaneous moments shared by the wedding couple.

Through skilled observation and savvy lens, Melvin regards an extraordinary picture as one which is able to ‘transport’ the viewer back to the time it was taken. Melvin knows his responsibility is to take the vision of their clients and put them into the perspective of professional photography. After all, it is about immortalising significant moments into photo images creatively. With Melvin behind the lens, one can always expect a sequence of wedding photographs that truly narrates the story of your passion and love.

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